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   TIRE TECHNOLOGY, LTD., provides expert consulting services for plaintiffs and defendants in  all tire-related cases. Areas of expertise include:

    · Tire and wheel accidents

    ·  Tire engineering

    ·  Consulting and testifying



Morris Dingman is an expert in tire engineering, manufacturing and defect analysis in the tire and automotive industries. He has provided independent consulting services for many clients worldwide. As a tire engineer with a major tire manufacturer for more than 20 years, he is highly qualified in manufacturing engineering for automobile, truck, off-highway and aircraft tires. During his career, he has tested and analyzed thousands of tires.

 Mr. Dingman has held engineering positions in tire design, product development and product engineering. Some of his assignments included:

    ·  Design and development of new tires to meet automobile manufacturers' specific performance specifications.

    ·  Design and implementation of product quality procedures for tire manufacturing.

    ·  Design and implementation of the technical manufacturing procedures for the NASA Space Shuttle tires.


Mr. Dingman graduated from the University of Michigan with a BSME degree. He also earned a CME from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).   His professional affiliations include:

    ·  American Society of Mechanical  Engineers        

    ·  Society of Automotive Engineers

    ·  Akron Rubber Group

    ·  National Academy of Expert Witnesses


 TIRE TECHNOLOGY, LTD., has access to extensive library material, test facilities, support services, and technical specialists to suit specific client needs.

For additional information, call 1-800-655-0082 or e-mail:  info@tiretechnologyltd.com.

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